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Privee delivered on time exactly what they promised! We have a lot of wear on our stores and their product holds up very well!

— Dustin Cox, Owner
Runway Fashion Exchange


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Dressing Rooms, Fitting Rooms, Changing Rooms & Retail Space Solutions

Privee is a prefabricated modular wall system specialized for the retail clothing industry. They are affordable and are a perfect solution for retail store dressing rooms / fitting rooms, privacy rooms, changing rooms and more. Combining the durability of traditional construction and flexibility of modular components makes our wall system superior. Privee wall systems can be configured and built in any area of your store. It’s perfect for space restricted areas or odd shaped areas taking full advantage of your valuable floor space. Our dressing rooms for sale have many accessories / fixtures to choose from that include: mirrors, hooks, clothes bars, lock occupancy indicator, garment checks, room numbers, lightboxes, ADA accessibility sign, etc. We provide:

With our state- of- the- art manufacturing plants and in-house Auto CAD and engineering departments, we can work with you from design to completion in order to build the dressing rooms you want. Whatever project you have in mind, Privee can build it. We have the resources and the capabilities to design and build custom dressing rooms. We have the capabilities to offer custom layouts, custom dressing room doors, steel plate doors, custom finishes, custom paint jobs (we have an in-house powder coating facility), and whatever else you need to build the dressing room designs the way you want.

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