ADA Compliant Dressing Rooms


One of the easiest ways to not only boost sales and please customers is through proper dressing room design. Inside the dressing room is where customers make the decision to purchase clothing. Dressing rooms come in many shapes and sizes, and it is important to include ADA compliant changing rooms.

Although each state’s laws vary, including an ADA compliant changing room should be part of your dressing room design. ADA compliant fitting rooms aren’t difficult to construct, and you’ll be helping out those customers with special needs.

One of the biggest differences between ADA dressing rooms and standard dressing rooms is a larger floor plan. ADA rooms are built to accommodate a wheelchair and must have adequate space for the wheelchair to turn 180 degrees unobstructed. Furthermore, benches, rails and doors that are easily opened are often included to help assist customers.

In conclusion, ADA compliant dressing rooms should be part of your store in order to accommodate the needs of all your customers. Contact us today to learn more about adding an ADA compliant fitting room to your retail plan.

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